Monday, January 30, 2012

Study updating Net Metering cost benefit analysis

I came across the following study today:

The short form, it appears to be saying Net Metering saves the electrical consumer/power company more then it costs the consumer/power company when you have a single tier rate (like Dominion's). However, it is in researcher speak and not sure I understood it correctly. 

If I am correct then this is some of the evidence we are looking for that "standby" fees are unjust to solar PV owners.

The study link was buried in an article on "grid use fee" which I suspect Dominion will try out after "stand-by" fee to attempt to kill residential solar. The "grid use fee" got killed, but only because California voters have slightly more political power then the power company's do; unlike Virginia, where Dominion owns the legislature from the looks of it.

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