Thursday, January 12, 2012

Englemeyer Bros. Yorktown PV Systems, Coop Method

On the clear, warm weekend of Dec. 17th & 18th 2011, Scott and Todd Englemeyer put up 2 PV solar systems on their adjoining houses with the help of some volunteers.

Each module is a Yingli 230W. Scott had room for 28 (6.4KW) and Todd had room for 24 (5.5KW).  As soon as they were installed and turned on, the electric meters began to spin rapidly backwards. It was quite impressive and everyone said so.

The systems use Enphase model M215 microinverters, one on each module.  This actually limits output to 215 watts per module even though though can produce 30 watts more.

The final cost was about $2.50 per watt installed including building permit, other fees, and paying the licensed Master electrician, Orion Jacobs.

When we were all done, Scott and Todd gave us the "thumbs up" sign for a job well done.

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