Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CCAN Clean Energy Day in Richmond, Feb 2

Here's another option for the politically minded to go to Richmond:

Sign up today to be a part of the biggest action for clean energy this year – the Clean Energy Day of Action at the Capitol on February 2nd.

Who: Virginians who want clean power & good jobs, not more corporate handouts
When: February 2nd, 9 AM-1 PM
Where: The Capitol in Richmond
What: We’ll start with a quick briefing on the legislation, meet face-to-face with lawmakers and come together outside the Capitol for a rally so they’ll be sure to see us as they all walk to the Capitol building.

It’s clear that Virginia’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), passed in 2007, just isn’t working. Legislators hoped the voluntary program would spur local development of clean power, providing good jobs for Virginians. But instead of building a new homegrown clean energy industry, electric utilities are just shuffling papers around. The companies are getting credit for energy from facilities that were built decades before the RPS was passed, many of them in other states. Yet even though utilities are only meeting the letter of the law, not fulfilling the spirit of it, they’re still getting millions of dollars in bonuses through consumers’ electricity rates. And they’re not even required to give the public a full tally of what kind of energy they’re getting credit for.

Will you join us to make strengthening the RPS the most visible issue of the day – of the year! – on February 2nd?

With your help, this year we can lay the groundwork for a clean energy future!

Keith Thirion
Lead Virginia Organizer

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