Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you want to attend the Dominion shareholder meeting

To attend a Dominion shareholder meeting, all you need to own is at least one share of Dominion stock (you may have to buy two, about $70 total). You can buy on-line at http://www.dom.com/investors/shareholder-services/buy-stock-direct.jsp or from a broker. Usually you must purchase by the end of February to be able to attend the shareholder meeting in May. You can then also attend shareholder meetings in any year in the future, and you have the right ask questions at the meeting, and to vote your shares on any matter at the meeting, such as shareholder resolutions.

The location and date of the shareholder meeting will be posted in the Shareholder Services section of the Dom Web site, http://www.dom.com/investors/sec-filings/proxy-statement.jsp, by late March. The meeting is usually somewhere in Dominion territory but may not be in Virginia. They do try to come back to Richmond for the meeting roughly every other or every third year.

If you would like to submit a shareholder resolution, you need to own at least $2000 in Dominion shares, and you must have owned them for roughly 18 months before the meeting for which you plan to submit. Exact rules are at http://www.sec.gov/rules/final/34-40018.htm (go to §240.14a-8 for the readable format).

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