Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Advice for those thinking of solar

Much of this advice is at the link above, but a short summary:
  • Take photos of your roof at different times of day and different seasons, to see where your shadows are and help you decide where the panels should be placed
  • Think about the best path for getting a thin cable from your roof down to wherever your breaker panel is
  • To determine your payback period, use the spreadsheet at the above link (http://web.me.com/ruthandscott/Our_Green_House/), but also look up what kind of market there is for SRECs (1 SREC = 1 MWhr, and the price we have gotten has gone from $300 to $29 to $150, so the market is extremely volatile). This SREC income is in addition to getting paid for your electricity
  • Good history and prices for SRECs can be found at http://www.srectrade.com/
  • It's nice if you can get a system where you can see your power generation on-line, like this image

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