Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beau Gillis System Passes Inspection

The 1.7KW (8 230W Yingli modules, Enphase microinverter) solar PV system which Beau Gillis installed on his house with the help of friends was inspected and passed yesterday by the Virginia Beach Electrical inspector.

The inspector's comment was "very nice job". It was the first microinverter system he had seen and he was pleased that everything was wired according to the NEC (code). It was also the first system he'd seen using the Kindorf hot-dipped galvanized strut with stainless steel spring nuts, although he sees strut in lots of electrical inspections. Electricians already use it frequently for strong outdoor supports. It is many times stronger than aluminum channel.

Beau is particularly pleased with the new system because his meter often runs backwards. His new system generates an average of 8 KWHr per day.  He plans to add another row of 8 modules in the future when prices are even lower. This system was installed for just about $2.65/watt including permit, electrician and other parts.

His next project is a very low cost solar hot water heater which he got from Suntern Solar.  He hopes to have up and running in a couple of months.

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