Friday, April 20, 2012

Organic Food Depot - Green Power 2011

Since Jan. 2009, when the program started, we've used
100% Renewable Power
to run our lights, freezers and refrigerators through the 
Dominion Green Power Program (Learn More Here)
Our Report Card Through Winter 2011/2012 is 
We supported 543,331 KWHrof Renewable Energy
Which is the same as NOT DRIVING a typical car
860,860 miles
Or the same as PLANTING9825 Trees

Winter 2011/2012 figures for the Dominion Green Power program are out and once again, Organic Food Depot helps lead the way (see above from the OFD website:

Dominion claims that "All renewable facilities supported by the Dominion Green Power program feed green electricity into the same power grid that powers the homes and offices of Virginians, helping to offset the need for traditional energy sources over time."

According to Dominion, there are now:

13,679 Residential participants
186 Commercial participants

for a total of 207,639,406 KWHr, which is the same as

Removing 27,532 cars off the road for a year or
planting 3,671,051 trees

And the top performing city in VA:  Arlington

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