Friday, April 13, 2012

Dominion to Eliminate Net Metering

Okay maybe I am just overly concerned here and it is really nothing, but I came across the following SCC filing and request for comments today. The SCC post was from 29 Mar 2012 (so recent)

PUE-2011-00117 - Application of Dominion Virginia Power for approval of a Community Solar Power Program and for certification of proposed distributed solar generation facilities

To quote the specific text that worries me...

"In its application, Dominion Virginia Power proposed a
Program that consists of two separate components . First, the
Company anticipates that within the first six months of 2012, it
will file a tariff with the Commission for approval of the purchase
of up to 3 megawatts ("MW") of energy output from
customer-owned distributed solar generation installations as an
alternative to net energy metering. Before making this filing with
the Commission, the Company will evaluate several tariff options
and share those options with customers and stakeholders in

I would note that 3 MW is about how much residential solar is in existence in Virginia.

I am figuring Dominion will evaluate their tariff options and come up with less then $0.03 per kWh as the tariff amount or something equivalent. Given that Dominion keeps claiming that is how much electricity costs them when talking about Solar power. Ignoring of course that they can pay over $0.21 kWh during peak times, which is when solar produces the most power.

The rest of their SCC filing was about them buying roof top leases, so the Net Metering thing is buried in the text, where I am sure the SCC will miss it.

I am not sure how to fight this, but I just know we are going to get ******* by Dominion.

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