Saturday, March 3, 2012

MARCH to End Dominion's Power MADNESS

MARCH to End Dominion's Power MADNESS

When: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 12 pm to 3 pm
Where: Kanawha Plaza, Canal St & 8th St, Richmond VA

Why: The clock's running out on our shot at stopping climate change. Renewable energy could be a slam dunk for cleaning up Virginia's energy while creating much-needed jobs. But Dominion Virginia Power is doing everything it can to keep Virginia out of the game.

It's time for a full court press against Dominion's dirty power madness!

On March 24th, join us for a rally and march around Dominion's headquarters in Richmond. We'll tell the company's executives loud and clear that customers want them to stop blocking our shot at developing renewable energy in Virginia and we're willing to fight for it!

Dominion customers want to see the company develop in-state renewable energy projects. Erecting wind farms and installing solar panels across the commonwealth would curb emissions and create jobs in a new homegrown industry.

But power-crazed Dominion doesn't like that idea. While lawmakers in many states require their utilities to get a certain portion of their electricity from renewable sources, Dominion has used its influence to keep that from happening here. The company has such a stranglehold on Virginia politics that it convinced legislators to create voluntary renewable energy goals and hand out a rate bonus for meeting them. And to top it off, the goals are so weak that Dominion is getting its $76 million prize from ratepayers without actually developing any new renewable energy projects in Virginia.

Plus Dominion is actively blocking competitors from building solar power projects and stalling the process on offshore wind power.

Our message is simple: Dominion, stop blocking our shot at real renewables.

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